Prompt, Efficient, Cost Effective

Providing the Most Efficient Oil & Gas Related Land Services for Over 30 Years

Pete Dailey & Associates Inc., is staffed by a group of Landmen with varying levels of experience covering all phases of the industry.

Pete Dailey & Associates Inc., is full-service petroleum land brokerage company. We provide only the best data and resources to our clients in their quest for oil and natural gas. Our clients expect the best research for their land acquisitions, so their exploration is not left to chance. Efficiency and profitability means never missing a step or an opportunity. PD&A believes in the task of searching thoroughly, using the very best technology and providing expert service overall. PD&A's professional landmen negotiate and acquire with proficiency to deliver you seamlessly from exploration to production every time. Our goal is to provide the client with prompt, efficient and cost effective Land Services, and to become an integral part of their exploration and production programs.