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Prompt, Efficient, Cost Effective

Pete Dailey & Associates Has the Professional, Experienced Personnel Ready to Handle All of Your Oil & Gas Related Land Service Needs

We will create a personalized plan to fit your exact needs and help you through every phase of the project. Among their duties, our staff reviews and approves the leases, reports, run sheets, plats and other instruments for accuracy, and to coordinate effortless paper flow for our clients. In addition the office staff can handle all bank drafting and recording. So whether you're in the beginning phases of your project or the final wrap-up, Pete Dailey & Associates will get the job done!

Our representatives can be reached at info@petedailey.com or by phone at 713-464-3699.

Service Offerings:
Oil & Gas Services:  
squareLease Checks squareFarm-Outs & Farm-Ins
squareMineral Ownership squareJoint Operating Agreements
squareLeasing squareSpecial Projects Requiring Professional Land Work Due Diligence
squareRun Sheets squareDivestiture/Acquisition Projects
squareMapping squareTitle Verification
squareLease Options squareTransfer Orders
squareSurface Damages squareLetter in Lieu
squareCurative Work squareExhibits
squareIn-house Contract Work (client office or ours) squareLiens & Encumbrance Check
squareNegotiate & Purchase Right-of-Ways squareLine Lists
squareOversee Condemnations squarePipeline Map Preparation
squareTenant Consents  
Misc. Services:  
squareBuy or Sell Production, Minerals or Royalty squareSeismic Permits
squareSeismic Crew Supervision squareBLM & State Agency Expertise
Record Keeping:  
squareMaintain Lease Files squarePrepare Unit Designations, Releases, etc.
squareMake Delay Rental Payments squarePrepare Year End 1099's for Clients